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“Therefore work on the land is an introduction both to nature and to civilization and gives a limitless field for scientific and historic studies.”

- Maria Montessori                

Nature's Way has a partnership with Murphy Springs Farm that allows us to use a plot of land adjacent to the school for the Adolescent Community farm. The NWMS farm dream is to become an outdoor resource that can be used not only for the adolescent community, but also for education in all communities.



Fruits and Vegetables

The Nature's Way Farm grows a variety of fruit and vegetables.  We are proud to have perennial fruit trees and shrubs and annual fruit and vegetables that the students help cultivate and sell as part of the microeconomy.


Our Egg Laying Friends

Nature's Way has a flock of chickens that provides eggs for the students to sell as a part of the microeconomy. The chickens are cared for by students and families from the school.


Organic Honey

Our Bees are managed by the Burn and the Bees, a company established by a former NWMS staff member and her husband. Kellie and Aaron Burns help us educate our students about the importance of pollinators and the amazing world of bees!


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Nature's Way Montessori School

4710 Murphy Road


Microeconomy store (NWMS Families Only):

Farm Manager: Jenny Spatz

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